Thursday, February 21, 2013

Top It Off

I have been sick for almost two weeks now but now I'm feeling better so let's talk Top Coat for regular nail polish. 

Now as you know there are a ton of varieties of top coat out there but we almost always lean towards a top coat that is going to be a quick drier because that is going to get your clients out the door faster because we all know that clients what their service to go as quickly as possible. Well, unless they have a big messy house full of screaming kids to go to.

I have tried several brands but the one that I prefer is Lumos High Speed Top Coat by Famous Names and it is fabulous.  Whenever I use it, the polish is dry in about 3-4 minutes unless you put on a heavy coat. What I also like about this top coat is that it helps with chipping and it's nice and shiny! 

This polish is available through their website so check it out!

Something else to keep in mind is matte polish. Matte top coats are starting to rise in popularity and all of the big names in the nail industry are coming out with their own versions. You can create a ton of cool looks so buy a bottle and play!