Monday, January 28, 2013

Lifting,Yes Again

The lifting issue has been really bothering me so I've been doing a lot of research and I have come up with some ways to combat this monkey on my back. 

1.Proper nail prep.(Of course!) This entails roughing up the nail properly,pushing back the cuticle, making sure the pterygium and other nail debris is off of the nail plate and removing all the dust from filing as well.

2.Using a good product line. Primers,dehydrators,monomers and polymers should really come from the same line because these products were designed to work with each other for the maximum results. I have done the research and over and over again I am seeing two product lines: CND Retention and EZ Flow. I've tried Retention myself and I think it's great.

3.Proper application around the cuticle. That means using a small amount of product around the cuticle and making sure that none of the product actually dries on the cuticle.

4. Applying a cuticle oil every day. One of my favorites is CND Solar oil.You can see it pictured to the left.

5. No picking at the acrylic at the cuticle or exposing the hands to water excessively. If you're client has their hand in water a lot suggest wearing gloves to protect the acrylic.

6.Some times it doesn't really matter what you do and what the client does because their nail plates are naturally oily and just won't respond well to enhancements. 
I know how frustrating it can be to put all that hard work into a set of nails only to see it become marred from an ugly lifting area but don't give up! With diligence and practice we shall prevail!! If you have any tips or insight, please feel free to comment.

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