Monday, December 10, 2012

Here We Go

So I have decided to start a blog about nails and um.....I have no idea what I'm doing but let's dive in! My first blog is going to be about glitter nails or more specifically, glitter french tips for acrylics or hard gel nails.
Now there are a wide variety of ways you can use glitter, and everyone has their own preference. Here are a few.

Loose Glitter

One of the messiest ways to do a french glitter tip but one of the most creative. There are a couple of ways to do a loose glitter tip such as putting an adhesive substance (glue,clear polish etc..) on your plastic tip and then simply dipping your tip in the glitter. You may also sprinkle several colors on the tip to create a rainbow effect. I like to use a brush to smash the glitter onto the tip so it will stay better and keep the loose glitter to a minimum. Keep in mind that you need to add your glitter to the tip before you glue the tip to your client's nail.Beware: You will have so much glitter going on it will look like a fairy threw up on your table!

Pre-Glittered Tips

They already have the glitter on them! Just add glue and apply! 

Glitter in Polymer                 

One of my favorite ways to do a glitter french......acrylic. Add the glitter to the polymer or do what I do and buy a whole variety of polymers with the glitter already added to it as well as beautiful pigments. In the picture at the top of my page I created the nail by adding my acrylic, removing the excess acrylic while it was still wet with my pink cutter and then adding the glittery acrylic on top of the plastic tip. 

Finding what works best for you can be a challenge but if you love nails like I do then the challenge is half the fun! Who doesn't like to play? Thanks for reading my post and let me know what you think!

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