Monday, December 10, 2012

Lifting! Oh the horror!

One of the biggest issues I have with acrylic application is lifting! It's not nearly what it used to be a year ago when I first started my journey into the wonderful world of nails but I still see one or two nails that develop a little lifting in the corners and it drives me insane. How did this happen? I did everything right! I properly buffed off the shine on the natural nail, made sure the nail plate was free of debris, followed the manufacturer's instruction on the nail preppers of my choice and still.......there it is! That big....ugly....lifted...corner! I do a ton of nails on the lovely ladies I go to school with so I am constantly checking my work, so I know what's going on.
My thought was that maybe I'm not using products that are working for my particular style of application. Does that make sense? Is it even possible? If I'm in the ball park of my problem how in the heck am I going to solve it? There are many products out there to choose from and I haven't a clue on how to pick one to get started with. I am completely dedicated to furthering my knowledge in nail technology but I really don't want to buy nail products one at a time so I put it out there to my readers. What combination of products do you use to help with lifting? Feel free to comment!

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