Thursday, December 13, 2012


Let's  Talk Nail Art.......

My first attempt at nail art
When I started Cosmetology school I new NOTHING about nails and in fact I owned no nail polish. One day our instructor Sheila taught us how to do  pedicures and manicures and threw a nail art lesson in there. From that moment I was hooked!
At first I didn't do so hot but I was determined! I would not be defeated! I ran to my nearest Dollar Tree and purchased cheap stripers and then I grabbed a set of plastic nails from Sally's and hunkered down.(glue tooth picks to the back of the nail for something to hold on to)I practiced for hours almost everyday! I mean HOURS!!!! I couldn't begin to describe how I felt when my work started getting better and better.That led me to start purchasing supplies and scouring the internet for inspiration. A word to the wise....When you start googling the supplies you need,do not simply type "stripers". You are NOT going to like what comes up. Do yourself a solid and throw nail in front of that.But I digress...... A thin striper brush is key to making lovely sweeping lines. If you think your striper brush is too thick, just cut off some bristles at the base.
Dotters <3
I know it seems frustrating at first but don't give up. The internet is a beautiful place and you can find so many tutorials on Youtube and other sources on how to create art. Once you get the basics down,you can get inspiration from anywhere. I have several designs based of of henna tattoos that turned out gorgeous. If you make a mistake who cares. A glitter striper or a well placed gem fixes almost ANYTHING. To add the gems just put a little glue on your dotter and grab a gem. There are cool little tools you can find to help grab the gems if you don't like the glue and dotter method.If you have any nail art you would like to show off I would love to see it!

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